Wednesday, January 30, 2013


HERE IS A NEW START AT MY BLOG. I havnt been on here in forever. Got real caught up in my ebay store.. But I look at blogs  which i love everyday " THE LONDONER " "Maytedoll" & more.. & I thought why not. I have all this extra time. Why not take pics? Why not write about my new favorite places. So I AM READY! 

Re-Welcome to my bog. lol 

I hope you enjoy it & I hope I am able to bring you coming back to look at it each day.

I will share my personal trips, new cool restaurants, new items I list on ebay & more!!

Can't wait to share a little CALi LIFE with you!!!
Hope to see you soon.


Monday, May 16, 2011

My Funny little man

I took this picture this weekend & I just thought it was the cutest/funniest photo ever! Here is my little man almost 7 months... what a brat!! I love him so much

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello everyone! - My life changing Journey

Hi all, this is my very first blog with my very first post! How exciting. After viewing MANY blogs and skimming through all these beautiful blog spots I thought I would make one for myself, just to keep memories, photos, & more. So here I start, on April 26th 2011. Currently sitting at my work desk, it is a very slow day. That is why I have this free time! :). Im still pretty new to this blogging, still trying to figure out how to add pictures etc. But lets see what I can do! Thank you all for viewing and hopefully joining!

                   I wanted to start my first post with my recent journey through pregnancy. I am quite a young mom, 21. But when I found out I was pregnant I was only 20... It was such a hard decision to choose whether to keep this baby or not. At the time we were living in a one bedroom apartment, both working but having some relationship issues. We stuck through it, and decided we wanted to have this baby!! My parents  helped us out a lot with purchasing a home & grounded us on our feet for when that little baby came!! Thankfully when he arrived we were ready!! Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. Sometimes I just wish I can explain to someone how I feel about my son, how gorgeous I think he is, but I can never put it into words. Im sure we all feel the same way about our kids, and it is such a blessing from God. I can not imagine my life with out him. I am so happy I decided to choose this decision, it was 100% the right choice!!!